Driving is a "Privilege" not a right!
Driving is a "Privilege" not a right!
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Pay Attention--Safe Driving is a Full-Time Job


Thoughts for the Road

  • Distracted driving is estimated to be a factor in between 25 to 50 percent of all traffic crashes--that’s between 4,000 and 8,000 crashes every day.             
  • Distracted driving is the presence of anything that can distract a driver’s physical and mental attention from driving.             
  • Driving instructors estimate that a driver makes an average of 200 decisions during every mile they drive. This leaves no room for multi-tasking while behind the wheel.             
  • According to a recent survey, drivers in the U.S. now spend a total of 500 million hours a week in their vehicles.           

What Drives People to Distraction?

  • Other passengers, especially children             
  • Driving an unfamiliar vehicle or route             
  • Unsecured cargo             
  • Adjusting in-vehicle electronics including navigation systems, radios or CD players, and using the phone             
  • Eating or reading while driving             
  • Engaging in intense or emotional conversations             
  • Emotional state and/or serious personal problems             
  • Grooming           

Tips to Manage Potential Distractions

  • Pre-set the climate control, radio and CD player and identify the location of signals, wipers and lights in the vehicle before you drive.             
  • Don’t wait until you are driving to plan your route or attend to grooming. Plan before you go and leave a little earlier; it will help you to arrive at your destination safely and less stressed.             
  • Pull off the road to make calls. Pre-set your cellular phone with commonly called numbers and allow voicemail to handle incoming calls.             
  • Be sure to properly secure pets and any cargo you may be transporting.             
  • Be sure children are properly secured in an age-appropriate child passenger safety restraint.
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