Driving is a "Privilege" not a right!
Driving is a "Privilege" not a right!
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New Requirements for Safety Eyewear


The American National Standard Institute’s ANSI Z87 Committee published an
updated standard for safety eyewear, which is now effective.


Make sure your specs meet these specs!


Impact Resistance: There are two classifications for safety eyewear lens impact resistance, basic-impact and high-impact. Consequently, when assessing eye safety risks, it will be necessary to identify the type of safety eyewear according to the level of risk. Low mass/low velocity risk means that the basic impact lens is adequate. High velocity/low mass or low velocity/high
mass risks will usually require high-impact lenses.


Marking: All lenses are required to have the manufacturer’s logo embossed on the lens. High-impact lenses must include a “+” following the manufacturer’s logo. Basic-impact lenses will not have the “+” following the logo.


Lens Thickness: Minimum lens thickness for basic-impact prescription lenses will be 3.00 mm, except those having a plus power of 3.00D or greater, which must have a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm. High-impact prescription lenses shall have a minimum thickness of 2.0 mm at their thinnest part.  Non-prescription basic-impact lenses have the same requirements as those for prescription basic-impact lenses. Non-prescription high-impact lenses shall not be less than 2.00 mm thick when used in a frame marked “Z87-2”. No minimum thickness is required if the non-prescription protector is mass-produced.


Warning Label: If the protective eyewear meets only the basic-impact rating, it must have a warning label attached. The warning label informs the wearer of the impact limitations of the eyewear. By rule, the warning label should only be removed by the wearer.


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