Driving is a "Privilege" not a right!
Driving is a "Privilege" not a right!
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To register for a class click on the Driver Improvement Course and scroll to botton of page. Registration forms for Adult Remedial and Juvenile Driver Intervention Program are in PDF.  Please print out the form which pertains to you, fill out and email or fax back to the Greater Hamilton Safety Council.  Below the forms is a Pay Now Button. Adults $95.00, Juvenile $65.00


Starting January 1, 2023 cost will be Adults $105.00 and Juvenile $80.00

To register or for more information, contact

the Safety Council at 513-896-5333.




The Driver Improvement Course is offered monthly. Please call the Hamilton Safety Council for dates and time of these classes.


The course is certified by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles as a remedial driving course.


To continue to meet the varied training needs of companies, organizations, and individuals, the Safety Council offers the “Coaching the Experienced Driver” Three Program.


This program covers collision prevention techniques and issues, including: safety; scanning; vehicle positioning; following and stopping distances; backing and parking procedures; blind spots; vehicle inspection; use of mirrors; adverse weather conditions; safety belt and air bag systems; child restraint systems; collision reporting procedures; railroad crossings; disabled vehicles; anti-lock brakes; oversized vehicles; mental & physical condition of the driver; emergency vehicles and school buses; coverage of DWI/DUI/OVI issues; and more.


This course meets the requirements for a twelve point license reinstatement, a reinstatement for operating a motor vehicle after underage consumption and a 2-point credit in Ohio.


Who is this course for:


  • Employer required defensive driver training
  • Remedial driver improvement program required by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Drivers referred by a municipal court
  • Drivers who have between 6 and 11 points on their record and would like to apply for a 2 point credit
  • Drivers with 12 more points in a 2 year period
  • Drivers who operated a motor vehicle after underage consumption 
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